Before I start, don’t worry this isn’t going to be a post about the WINCAN ‘techodology’ as my friend Scotty Peterson likes to call it.

Rather this is about the very simple issue that has dogged civilization for millenia.  How do we deal with productive and dynamic psychopaths?  There’s been a whole wave of recent thought liking different types of psychosis and sociopathology with leadership but how do you deal with these neurologically different folks while you’re trying to manage them and get them to deliver for someone else other than themselves.  In other words, how do you stick with the psychos in your team or company for long enough to see them blossom from bad apples to inspirational leaders?

This would all be a lot simpler if the crazies all turned out to be good leaders by as we all know, there are just as many who will poison the corporate wellbeing of your company for years until nature or right-sizing takes them out.

So what can be done?