Great men (and women!) do great things, but it seems like more and more often we are finding out that they also do dumb things, and this happens with even greater predictability when the human penis is an influential stakeholder in the decision-making process.

So what does this tell us about leadership?  Why do so many leaders come undone when their flies are undone?

Well, despite having led several companies and countless teams in my 25 year career, I can honestly say I’ve never penetrated a colleague, and I’m not just saying that because my wife reads this blog, although she does and if I had done something wrong, I’d probably lie anyway. But in this case it’s the truth,  I take my vows and my pension very seriously.   So sadly, that means I can only speculate, like many of you, on why so many great leaders find find their careers shipwrecked on the rocky shoreline of a collaborator’s engorged genitals.

What I can tell you is that there are some basic tips that should help you, as an aspiring leader, to not have your career somewhere the road by an illicit liaison.

Risk Mitigation Factor #1: Do you think you’re a go-getter? Does that include going and getting sexual partners? If so, then you may want to build an affair-risk mitigation strategy into your HR policies. That isn’t to say you should only hire ugly people, no one wants them, but rather you should ensure you manage in the interests of your organization and try to be sensible in developing HR profiles that are less likely to put a highly suitable sexual partner in proximity to you, or at least in situations with you that may prove tempting to either party.  Of course, this may not be possible but if you can’t eliminate the risk posed by motive (sexual attraction) , then you have to minimize opportunity. It’s one thing to attend a meeting together or collaborate on a project but try to avoid naked drunken saunas on that business trip to Vegas!

Risk Mitigation Factor #2: Have regular sex with the people you’re supposed to be doing it with! That’s right, if you’re getting satisfaction from the normal sources (spouse, partner, self) then you’re probably relieving the pressure that can build up over time, leading to a reckless eruptions of passion with someone less appropriate and in places that are less appropriate.  So have sex you leaders, you captains of industry.  Hell, even thought leaders are often very busy  – but just do it. It’s good for the company and it’s good for you, so make time.

Risk Mitigation Factor #3: Therapy! Sadly many of our greatest leaders, and this could include you,  experience human relationships, and that includes sex, in a way that is predominantly defined by their life experiences and the effect this had had on their psychological make-up.  Of course, often the thing that makes a leader so great is the very same thing that makes him or her so sexually voracious and acquisitive. So why not try a shrink to see if you can somehow treat the defective parts of you that present either personal or corporate risk, while retaining the defective parts of you that make you should a great leader and a maker, rather than a taker.

Well, that’s all I got for now, anyone else got any ideas on managing risk and safeguarding leadership in an increasingly sexual world?